Emergencies don’t just happen during business hours. If you’re a utility provider, you must provide your customers with 24/7 emergency services. Gas leaks, burst pipes, power outages and other health and environmental risks need to be dealt with immediately. Your customers need to feel at ease when they call. That’s where The CommAlert Group comes in. 

Utility call answering services

The CommAlert Group can provide your customers with assistance, whenever they need it. Whether you provide natural gas, electricity, water or sewage utility services, our experienced call centre agents can handle the call. Our call centre services include call answering, message dispatching, dispatching of technicians for emergency calls, service scheduling, answering email inquiries and more. 

We will classify each call with one of the two categories: emergency and non-urgent calls. Our highly-trained call centre agents have the knowledge, understanding and discernment to filter those calls and take the appropriate action. Using a custom script and resources and accurate messaging, we’ll make sure your on-call technicians are dispatched if required, or we’ll send a message to your office for the next business day. Messages can be delivered via text, email, fax, live agent, web messaging or inputted into your own internal system. 

Top notch customer service

Everyone prefers to speak to a live person, rather than a robotic recorded greeting. People are reliant on utilities, which is why receiving friendly and prompt service is so important. We are committed to providing only the best service to your callers, no matter what time of day they call. If you’re looking for professional call centre solutions as a utility provider, choose The CommAlert Group. 

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