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Working alone

Often, employees are sent into the field by themselves. And often, they are working with dangerous machinery or chemicals. We consider safety our first priority.

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VOS Team

Our First Responder and Incident Command System personnel have years of practical experience. This allows us a unique perspective and ability to design the right service program to meet your needs now and in the future.

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Crisis Communications

Qualified and experienced technicians monitor our system constantly. We test often to be sure that our clients can rely on us if an emergency should arise.

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CommAlert operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide you with complete emergency monitoring, answering, and notification services through our Virtual Operations Support (VOS) team. We have robust computer systems and processes, state-of-the-art software, and dedicated employees who are committed to keeping people safe, no matter where they are.

Who do we work for?


Whether your business has locations and employees across North America or operates out of your house, we can improve your safety practices, monitor lone employees, and monitor special operations for residential safety.

We provide:

  • Emergency Alerts + Notifications
  • Employee Work-Alone Monitoring

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Our systems can be customized to meet your community’s specific needs, whether you need to coordinate crisis communications during citywide flooding or notify residents that today’s soccer game has been delayed.

We provide:

  • Emergency Answering
  • Crisis Communications

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Why choose us?

We’re affordable.

Our services are completely reliable, and they cost less than charge-by-the-minute phone calls or staffing your office around the clock. When you work with us, you’ll pay less for a more effective safety program.

We’re resourceful.

We have in-depth knowledge of safety practices and the industry’s latest technologies, and we share it all with you. We’re also set up with 24-hour security personnel and failsafes to keep our systems up and running for weeks in any emergency.

We’re always here.

Whether it’s 2PM on a Wednesday or 4AM on a holiday, there’s always someone here to take or make a call. We aim to answer every call on the first ring and dispatch even the most complicated work-alone call in seconds.

We’ll keep you safe.

We find, hire, and train talented people, and we work hard to keep them. Our long-term staff can confidently locate your missing employee, call thousands of numbers to deliver your message, and even live and work in your community in times of extreme crisis.

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