Industry Call Centre Solutions

The CommAlert Group offers comprehensive call centre solutions to a wide range of industries. Our call centre is operational 24/7, 365 days a year. This ensures we are ready to assist your callers, deliver messages, dispatch technicians, schedule appointments and more. 

Follow this link if you’re looking for emergency communication industry solutions.

Here are some examples of key industries that will benefit from our call answering services and other call centre services.

Health care professionals chatting


We work with healthcare organizations such as hospitals, care facilities and home care workers to implement effective call answering and tracking solutions.

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Oil derrick in field

Oil & Gas

Our long history with oil and gas industry in Western Canada allows us to effectively develop and implement emergency and safety and tracking services.

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Government officials at conference


The CommAlert Group works with municipalities to develop effective communication plans for emergency situations.

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Group of lawyers talking

Law Firms

We help law firms improve their customer service by providing call answering services and scheduling management.

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Dental Office Call Answering & Appointment Scheduling

Dental Offices

Your busy dental office might require call answering services that include scheduling, confirming and canceling appointments. We can also cover your phone during lunch breaks and after hours. 

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Disaster Restoration Call Answering & Dispatch

Disaster Restoration Companies

When your customers need disaster restoration, they need help fast! Don’t miss a call with CommAlert’s after-hours call answering and dispatch service. It can boost your reputation and future sales.

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Medical Equipment Provider Call Answering & Dispatching

Medical Equipment Providers

Make sure your customers can reach you quickly and get the help they need with their medical equipment. Having 24/7 call answering services, including message delivery and technician dispatch, can help people in need.  

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ECommerce Call Centre Services

E-Commerce Businesses

If you’re offering products and services around-the-clock, you should offer 24/7 customer service, too. Ask us about our call answering service and live web chat support….a perfect fit for e-commerce businesses.

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Elevator Repair Call Answering

Elevator Repair & Sales

Emergency phone lines are important for elevators, especially when people are stuck! Let us man that line. We’ll take calls and dispatch your repair technicians 24/7, 365 days a year. We can also assist with sales and other virtual assistant duties.

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Fuuneral Home Call Answering Services

Funeral Homes

Our call centre agents have been specifically trained to handle funeral home calls with compassion, warmth and empathy. When you can’t get to the phone, make sure a call answering service is helping your clients in their difficult time.

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Government Call Centre Services

Government Agencies

Local, provincial and federal government agencies all benefit from our call answering services, and wide scope of call centre solutions. Your community members can get the service and care they deserve while you save on human, monetary and capital resources.

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Doctor & Healthcare Services

Doctor & Healthcare Services

Call answering services are important for medical clinics and healthcare organizations. We can help with scheduling, and confirming and cancelling appointments, as well as  providing on-the-spot reports when you need them. We can also handle emergency after-hours calls, and dispatch messages to your physician(s)on call.

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Hospice and Home Care Call Centre Services

Home Care & Hospice Care

Families who call regarding care for a loved one deserve to receive a warm, compassionate and professional greeting from a live person, rather than a cold voicemail greeting. Our 24/7 call centre and highly-trained agents will ensure this happens, with every call.

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HVAC Call Answering Services

HVAC Companies

When a furnace quits in the middle of a cold winter’s night, it’s an emergency! Let us man your after-hours emergency line. We’ll take calls and dispatch your on-call HVAC technician in emergencies. For non-urgent calls, we can schedule a service appointment for you. 

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Law Office Call Answering Services

Law Offices

Free up your lawyers and in-house support staff with our call answering services. You can improve the efficiency of your firm by entrusting your calls, appointment scheduling and other virtual assistant tasks to us.

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Pest Control Call Answering Services

Pest Control

When you’re working in the field, it’s hard for customers to reach you! Take advantage of our 24/7 call answering services for your pest control company. We’ll make sure you never miss out on a call and that your customers in need are taken care of promptly.

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Plumber After Hours Call Answering Service


Plumbing emergencies happen, but having an employee taking calls around the clock is not an effective use of time and money. Instead, hire our call answering service to take those after-hours calls for you. We will dispatch your on-call plumber, or if it’s non-urgent, schedule a service call for your customer.

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Property Manager Call Centre Services

Property Management

If you’re managing a residential or commercial property, it’s hard to make time for incoming calls. Don’t miss out on potential leasing opportunities. We can help with call overflow and after-hours call answering and message dispatching services.

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Utility Provider Call Answering Service

Utility Providers

Things like power outages and gas leaks can be dangerous to your customers. Don’t miss an emergency call with 24/7/365 call answering services. We’ll take the call, deliver messages and dispatch your on-call technicians to help with the problem.

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Vet Clinic Call Answering

Veterinary Clinics

Vet clinics can benefit from our virtual reception services, too! These include call answering, message delivery and scheduling, confirming and canceling appointments. If there is an after-hours emergency, we will get the call and contact your on-call vet to help.

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