Heating and cooling companies rely on after-hours call answering services. If a customer’s furnace quits in the middle of winter, it’s an emergency. They need to be able to reach your company so an on-call technician can be dispatched as soon as possible. Since employing round-the-clock staff is not financially viable, count on The CommAlert Group’s call centre services for your HVAC company. 

Air conditioning & furnace repair call answering services

Call centre services are an ideal solution for busy HVAC companies. You can use our call centre for all your inbound calls and dispatching, or just for an after-hours call answering service. Either way, our highly-trained call centre agents fully understand your industry and the needs of your customers when they call. 

Acting as a virtual receptionist, CommAlert’s call centre operates 24/7, 365 days a year. We are there to answer service calls, take messages, dispatch technicians, monitor technicians on-call, track service calls and appointments, respond to email inquiries and book appointments. If it’s an emergency, our call centre agents are trained to pacify the stressed caller while they work on dispatching a technician to come help. Whatever your needs are for call answering, we can customize our call centre services to meet them.

We’ll take the call, you grow your business.

Save time by outsourcing inbound calls and technician dispatching. You’ll have a lot more time to focus on growing your business. A call answering service can free up a lot of business time, and if you’re a small business or contractor, it can free up a lot of personal time too. 

Our air conditioning and furnace repair call answering services are conducted by following a custom script and guidelines. We’ll work together to develop these, so they’re specific to your HVAC business. When your customers call, they’ll never know they’re speaking with a call centre. They will assume they’ve reached someone at your office. 

If you’re looking for a call answering service that understands the heating and cooling industry, you’ve found it with The CommAlert Group. 

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