The internet runs 24/7, which means your e-commerce business does too. If you’re providing products and services online, make sure your customers can reach you whenever they need to. The best way to do this is through our call centre services tailored specifically to e-commerce businesses. We can offer round-the-clock call answering services, as well as live chat support for your customers. 

Experienced and trained call centre agents

Our call centre agents are experienced, highly-trained professionals. You can be confident that your business is being represented well. Customer service and satisfaction are top priorities for us. Provide us with detailed information on your products and services, or with other specific training, and we can get to work providing customers with live help when they need it. 

Our call centre services can answer questions, take orders, support your sales process, verify memberships of your customers, schedule appointments and dispatch messages 24/7. We will help and direct callers as per your specific instructions. Provide us with access to your system, and our agents will process orders, track product and provide order history. This call answering service is comprehensive and customized exactly to your needs.

You can provide your customers with a toll-free number that will be answered by our professional agents. We can also provide separate toll-free numbers for each of your campaigns, to help you track advertising campaigns and gauge results. 

Live web chat support.

The CommAlert Group also offers live web chat support to our e-commerce business clients. This allows customers browsing your site to chat with a live agent, any time of day, to ask questions, verify pricing and access product support. 

Live web chat services are proven to reduce bounce rates and are a proactive lead generation tool. We can design the look and feel of the chatbox to match your brand, so it represents your business well and is highly visible to web users. Having access to online help will show your customers that your business is committed to making their customer experience positive. 

Helping with sales and orders.

The CommAlert Group’s call answering services and call centre solutions can also include processing sales and orders. We can use your own customer web portal or interface and access your customer database to assist you with this very important part of your e-commerce business. 

As mentioned, our call centre agents can assist your customers with reviewing web orders, shipping information, and tracking orders. We can also customize a part of your website for our access only, or help you set this all up if you haven’t yet! 

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