The funeral services industry provides empathy, respect, and prompt service to its clients. The CommAlert Group understands the sensitivity required to provide call answering services to funeral homes. We are focused on providing compassionate, warm service to your callers. Our experienced call centre agents have been trained to assist people who are experiencing loss and emotional stress. We are passionate about helping people through challenging times.  

Funeral home call answering services

Funeral homes and funeral services field a high volume of calls in a given day, and each call needs to be handled carefully and respectfully. Our call centre services can help answer questions about funeral arrangements, and provide information on products and services. We will forward messages along to funeral directors and support staff, so they can respond to the caller as soon as possible. 

In many cases, the funeral director will be in a service with another family. With call answering services, your staff can focus on the group you’re serving that day, while we help those who are calling in. Together, we will develop a script that will be used by our call centre agents when people call. You can also provide us with answers to frequently asked questions and other resources to help us better assist your callers. 

Available 24/7, 365 days a week

The CommAlert Group’s call centre works around the clock. We will be there to answer calls at any time of day. You can provide instructions on dispatching messages via text, email, fax, web retrieval or through phone calls. Our call centre agents can leave messages with your team, connect with grief counselors, cemetery services, flowers, and other funeral services on behalf of the families in need. 

Our communications technology and extensive training allow us to provide seamless service to your callers. They will never know that our agents aren’t sitting in your office or funeral home. We will represent your business according to your instructions. That means maintaining your reputation and continuing to provide your customers with delicate and professional service. 

If you need call answering services for your funeral home, contact us today.