Lone Worker Monitoring & Journey Management

Workplace safety is a top priority, especially when employees are working alone in remote or potentially risky work environments. The CommAlert Group offers lone worker safety monitoring solution, using the latest and best tools to help ensure your employees are safe when working alone. In addition to work-alone monitoring, our safety and tracking services include journey management, full roster management and asset tracking.

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Lone worker safety man cutting trees alone in forest

Lone Worker Safety

For employees that work alone, like nurses, home care professionals, oilfield personnel and utility workers, our lone worker monitoring system ensures they are safe and having a work-alone process in place is required by the occupational health and safety act. If they do not check in after receiving reminder notifications, we start the process of making calls to the necessary people and initiate any action required to ensure their safety.

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Construction manager at work doing employee check-ins

Roster Management

This service manages a database of your employees, checking for attendance and absences and providing reports as required. This service typically comes with our lone worker monitoring package.

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Trucker driving

Journey & Fatigue Management

When your employees must travel for work, it’s important that someone knows that they’ve arrived at their destination safely, especially if it’s a remote location. We offer flexible journey management plans that are compliant with legislation.

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Man moving boxes in warehouse while asset tracking

Asset Tracking

We can monitor assets you are transporting, including the transport vehicle itself, so you can ensure your physical assets arrive at their destination, or are stored as intended. We can make recommendations for technology and ensure the journey is monitored and reported.

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