Keep Work-Alone Employees Safe with Lone Worker Monitoring

Lone worker monitoring and safety is the responsibility of the employer, and is required by law, to help protect their employees that work alone some or all the time. People like nurses, home care professionals, oilfield personnel, construction personnel and utility workers need regular communication and safety monitoring to ensure they’re safe on the job.

CommAlerts lone worker safety service makes sure they’re safe

Our lone worker monitoring solutions can be customized to your organization’s and worker’s specific needs. Workers are to check in with our 24/7 live operators at the start of their shift and are sent periodic ‘live call-in’ reminders to have them check in during the shift, and are to check out at the end of their shift. This can be done via phone call, text or a lone worker smartphone app.

If we do not get a call or check in from them when we are expecting to, we initiate emergency call out procedures. If we can’t reach the worker, we try the supervisor contact on your customized contact list, and then the next contact, until we reach someone, and the worker can be checked in on. If first responders need to be notified of the issue, we can help with that too.

Lone Worker Safety

Our lone worker monitoring system is customized to the individual

There is no one size fits all when it comes to lone worker safety. If your employee wants us to call twice a shift or at every hour to make sure they’re okay, we can do that. If they prefer no human intervention and want to use technology to have them check in on que, we can do that too. Our work alone procedures can be customized, providing a seamless process that gives peace of mind to all involved.

While the call in method is your choice, The CommAlert Group prefers live operator check-ins. Speaking to a real person can help build a sense of security for the worker, knowing that someone is looking out for them and wants to make sure they’re okay. However, if they’d rather push a button using a lone worker mobile app on their smartphone to check in with us, we are happy to monitor your worker that way too.

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