Roster Management & Employee Check-Ins

Your roster includes the contact information and daily schedule of your employees. When you’re operating a large business, tracking and managing that roster becomes challenging. That’s where The CommAlert Group can help.

You provide us with your employee list and their schedules, and we will keep track of attendance and absences like vacation days, sick days or unexplained missed days. When someone calls in sick, they get one of our 24/7 live operators and we track that for you.

Roster Management

Roster management usually includes our lone worker monitoring solution, ensures all shifts are covered, reduces scheduling conflicts and can even track things like overtime, on-call hours, employee availability and poor attendance records. We keep track of all of this and provide you with a report – daily, weekly, monthly or whenever you require one.

Lone worker monitoring system and journey management is often paired with our roster management service. We track and monitor your employees that are going out on the field each day, making sure they’re getting there when they should and are safe during their shift.

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