Managing Your Customer Hotline

Many businesses and organizations use specific information lines or ‘hotlines’ to streamline customer contact and provide information. Typically, these hotlines offer 24/7 support or are used as an information or complaint line. If you want to offer a 1-800 number for these purposes, The CommAlert Group can help.

We have extensive experience offering round-the-clock call answering services and run hotline services for a range of industries. Working with your team, we will develop a script that will assist our call centre agents in handling your calls. In addition to a script, you can provide us with your best practices, policies, answers to frequently asked questions and more resources so we have the tools we need to run your hotline.

Providing 24/7 customer support in-house can be very expensive. Streamline your processes, use your human resources towards more productive objectives and allow our highly trained call centre agents provide the support. Whether they’re call about a promotion, for directions or filing a complaint, our live agents can help them promptly and professionally. Your callers will never know they’re speaking to a call answering service and will assume they’ve reached someone in your own office.

Do you want to initiate a support line or hotline? Contact us today!