After-Hours Call Answering Solutions

When customers call your business after hours, you could lose their business if you don’t have someone taking the call. In some cases, having someone available to take down a message can greatly improve the customer’s experience, ensuring loyalty and continued business from them.

The CommAlert Group’s call answering service includes after hours answering services. Our live operators can be available 24/7, ready to assist your customers when you’re unable to. We generally have two procedures when it comes to after-hours call service: urgent or on-call and non-urgent after hour services.

When the after-hours call is urgent

For after hours emergency, or on-call answering services, we will reach out to the appropriate people within your business with the caller’s request. For example, a plumbing company offers 24-hour emergency services, but they don’t have a person sitting in their office all night to take the calls. Instead, they hire us and forward all after hour calls to our live 24/hour call centre. When we get the call that someone has a plumbing emergency, we dispatch it to the plumber on-call. We can either transfer the customer live to the plumber or contact them ourselves and relay the message to the caller.

When the after-hours call is not urgent

People always prefer to speak to a human being, even if they’re calling after hours and their request isn’t urgent. The CommAlert Group’s call answering service ensures your customers are always reaching a live professional representative and, in most cases, they never know they’re speaking with a call centre operator. When these non-urgent calls come in, our operators take the message down and email it to your place of business, so you can respond to it the next day.

Ask us more about our after-hours call answering service and other call centre solutions. Remember, we also offer regular hours call answering services, overflow call answering services and a wide scope of virtual assistant services too!