Mobile Crisis Communications Emergency Response Team

When disaster strikes, you can utilize The CommAlert Group’s mobile emergency response team, after first responders and authorities have determined the emergency zone safe and any state of emergency has been lifted. With extensive experience in crisis response, our team will go to the field and set up an emergency call centre triage. This helps keep those involved well-informed and protected.

Working in shifts, our mobile response team will answer any and all calls from stakeholders, employees and community members and when accurate information becomes available we’ll ensure they’re getting the most accurate, up-to-date information.

For the questions that we are unable to answer, we send to the appropriate people on your team and make sure the community is updated with the information provided. Our team will also customize messages to send to those involved as required and determined by your emergency response plan and alert government agencies.

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CommAlert responds to the High River flood crisis.

When High River, Alberta was hit hard by a flood in 2013, The CommAlert Group set up a crisis communications triage on location. They were there to give updates and provide information to residents and others affected by the natural disaster and to ensure that emergency services, businesses and other organizations related were apprised of the information they needed during that time. For over 7 months, working around the clock on shifts, to ensure that effective communication was available during this emergency.