Emergency Communication Services and Solutions

Emergency preparedness is vitally important to public safety, employee safety and the public perception of your business. The CommAlert Group will work with you to prepare and implement an emergency communication strategy that best meets the needs of your organization.

We can show you the disaster emergency communication services that will work best in your customized plan. Services include, but are not limited to, emergency answering, an emergency alert and mass notification system, and dispatching our crisis communications and emergency communications team to the site. Book a consultation to begin creating a complete emergency response plan.

If you have questions about our emergency communications services, packages and pricing, give us a call!

CommAlert Emergency Response Room

Emergency Centre

Our Emergency Communications Centre is deployed after a state of emergency has been lifted. We are ready to spring into action, initiating services within your communications plan including emergency answering, emergency text alerts and, if required, dispatching our on-site emergency crisis communications response team to a defined geographic area.

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Call centre employee with headset

Emergency Answering

We offer round-the-clock emergency management answering 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We take the calls and start contacting the right personnel to deploy your emergency response plan, so everyone you’ve indicated is getting the information they need.

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Stormy weather above farm house during emergency alerts

Emergency Alerts

Does your company or community have an emergency alert system in place? The CommAlert Group can offer a customized mass notification system to alert your stakeholders, residents, employees or anyone else on your database of an emergency or disaster.

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Emergency response team member putting pylons on flooded road

Emergency Response Team

After first-responders have stabilized the situation and the state of emergency is lifted, The CommAlert Group will go to the site of the disaster or emergency and assist as a call centre triage. We provide the community with updates on the situation and are there to answer questions from the community.

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Our work begins long before we ever receive an emergency phone call.

We are constantly collecting, correcting and managing information about your business, employees and community members in your predetermined emergency response zone. This allows us to provide accurate and timely communication in emergency situations to first responders, stakeholders, workers and other individuals involved, when it’s necessary to do so.

CommAlert staff on call