Employee Journey Management Checks In

Like lone worker safety procedures, having journey management monitoring procedures in place is often required by law for your employees that travel to remote places as part of their job. It is also a smart idea for people who travel for business, even if it’s just a short and simple trips, and don’t have anyone else to check in with.

What does journey management look like?

We know what your employee’s typical day is. They call us from their normal place of business, or from home, and tell us that they are traveling from point A to point B and when they expect to be there. We will give them a window within that timeframe for them to check in. For longer trips, you might choose to check in during the journey as well as the destination, it’s totally customizable for your specific needs and comfort level.

Journey & Fatigue Management

If the worker does not check in, we start by contacting them first. If we cannot reach them, we call the next person on our list, and then the next person, until the worker is tracked down and connected with. While you can choose to have your worker check in using technology like a journey management app, we prefer them call in personally, so we can hear their voice, build a trusting relationship with them and make sure they’re doing okay.

Journey planning is often paired with lone worker monitoring and roster management. Ask us about building a customized health and safety program for your work-alone or travelling employees.