Sending Emergency Alerts When Disaster Strikes.

Thanks to today’s mobile technology, sending out emergency text alerts during a disaster is more effective than ever. Using a state-of-the-art emergency notification system, we can initiate a mass notification system, using customized messages combined by text messages, telephone calls, emails, social media and other channels.

How does the emergency alert system work?

When the CommAlert Group’s Emergency Communication Centre receives an emergency alert a call informing us of an emergency, we initiate the communications portion of your predetermined emergency response plan. Using the contact records provided, which we constantly monitor for changes and updates, we will send out emergency notification messages. People on your contact database could include staff, stakeholders, government agencies and residents that live within the predetermined emergency zone.

Emergency Alerts

The emergency alert system will send the customized message, usually via phone call or text message, giving recipients the option to indicate whether they are safe, if they are heading to the muster point or if they require help. That information is immediately available online via a customized portal that includes reports and maps.

This information is also collected by our technicians as a back up and given to your own safety personnel on your team if the need arises. This can be delivered via email, fax, or any other preferred communication method, so they can make the critical decisions and ensure everyone involved is out of harm’s way. If required, we can direct emergency personnel to the people who communicated that they need help.

After the event, further communication services are usually required for employees or the community at large. Our 24/7 live agents can continue to send mass notifications to alert the community of any updates on the situation, to help answer questions and reduce overall stress. We can also update and monitor social media channels, to offer the most accurate and up-to-date information, so you can concentrate on handling the emergency and dealing with other people concerned.

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