Streamlining and properly managing communications is critical for all forms of government. Whether you’re a local, provincial or federal government agency or service, you can benefit from The CommAlert Group’s government call answering services. 

More than a typical call answering service

The CommAlert Group has experience working with government agencies and providing both call centre services and emergency communication services. We can assist with answering and managing inbound calls. Our 24-hour call centre can also offer your agency a wide scope of call centre solutions. These services include assisting with back-office functions like accounts payable, asset tracking, supply chain management, vendor management, and many others. 

Our call answering services can provide solutions to various arms of government, fielding calls for maintenance issues that might occur in your jurisdiction. These services include support for building management, road infrastructure, IT, traffic signals/road signs, utilities and more. 

Our call centre solutions include 24/7 live or after-hours call answering services. We can also assist with setting up a recorded voicemail greeting and automated phone system. This system can help guide callers to the right department, so they can find the person or information they need. 

Call answering services can save human, monetary and capital resources for your government agency. Our experienced call centre agents have been trained to handle your needs. Eliminate lost calls and bad connections, and improve the call-in experience for everyone who might try to reach you. 

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