Providing Crisis Communication Services to Municipalities

All municipalities should have an emergency response plan, including a plan for effective communication to key organizations, first responders and to keep community members informed. Having access to information can help diffuse panic and anxiety in an emergency situation, and make sure everyone involved knows what to do to stay safe.

The CommAlert Group are leaders in crisis communications and has proven experience assisting municipalities with communication when disaster strikes. When floods ravished High River in 2013, we set up an emergency communications triage centre on-site, providing updates and notifications to community members, healthcare organizations, first responders and the government organizations involved.

For municipalities, our services are not limited to just emergency communications. We can set up mass notification alerts for reminding community members about waste collection schedules, road construction delays and other information they might need. Our call centre services can provide call answering, dispatching, and other virtual assistant services to your municipal offices.

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