Non-Emergency Mass Notification System

This type of mass notification system is not the same as our mass emergency alert system service but is still used to share instant information to a specific contact database in non-emergency situations. It is a great communication tool that can reach the masses, typically for non-marketing purposes, over a range of communication devices and methods.

Mass Notification System

Who might use a mass notification system?

Health services and medical clinics, governments and communities, large businesses and non-profit organizations might all use mass notification services.

For example, you can use our mass notification system services to send your physiotherapy clinic’s patients appointment reminders via sms text or voice messages. Local governments can use it to send residents updates, like reminders of a special garbage pick-up day or community event. Mass notification services are also by political candidates to send key campaign messages to members of their party or by charities to assist in their fund development efforts.

What can the mass notification messages be?

These mass notification messages can be anything you want and can be sent via email, text message or by a pre-recorded phone message. You can choose the time and the channel by which they’re delivered, send different messages to specific segments of your contact list, and can even request a delivery or read receipt.

You must ensure that your contact list is compliant to the Canadian Anti-Spam Laws (CASL). That means everyone on your list must consent to receive these digital messages, by opting-in either digitally or with recorded verbal consent. Learn more about CASL.

Contact us to learn more about how you can use a mass notification system.