Plumbing companies need to respond to customer calls 24/7. If a pipe is bursting and flooding the basement, or if a toilet is clogged and the family has nowhere to go, an emergency plumbing service is required. That is why most plumbers offer a 24/7 emergency line. Who is answering those calls?

Plumber call answering services

The CommAlert Group offers comprehensive call centre services for plumbing companies. Our call centre operates around-the-clock, every day of the year. If someone has a plumbing emergency, our call answering service will take the call. From there we’ll relay messages or dispatch your on-call plumber to go help them out.  

Many plumbers hire our call centre solutions for business hour call answering services. We can help to capture new business, schedule service appointments, quote jobs, monitor your on-call technicians and respond to email inquiries. Messages we take can be delivered via phone call, text, email, fax or entered directly into your own internal system. We are a virtual receptionist, offered at a fraction of the cost compared to hiring someone to sit in your office to do all these things. 

If you want to expand your customer service, allow us to streamline your business by acting as a central hub for your plumbers. They can report back to us as they arrive at appointments and complete service calls. We can manage your tech’s service calls, billing and other scheduling so you can focus on activities that help grow your business. 

Experienced and trained call centre agents

When customers call, they will never know they’re not talking to someone from your in-house team. The CommAlert Group is experienced in offering call centre solutions for plumbing companies. Our agents will receive a specific script customized for your business. They’ll also have resources and other training to ensure they’re well equipped for assisting your customers. 

We can deliver knowledgeable information to callers, provide fast and efficient message delivery and dispatch service technicians. The CommAlert Group is looking forward to working with your plumbing company. 

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