Hospice care centres and home care agencies provide an invaluable service to their patients in need. Families that call regarding care for a loved one deserve to receive a warm, compassionate and professional greeting from a live person. Not a cold voicemail greeting. The CommAlert Group’s 24-hour call answering services will provide those callers with the care and attention they need. 

Our experienced call centre agents will receive hospice and home care training. They can assist your patients, families and involved caregivers. We are committed to providing compassionate and professional service to all your callers. 

How we can help with hospice and home care call centre services.

You provide round-the-clock care and so, we can provide 24-hour call centre services to accommodate your specific industry needs. We can help by collecting information for the immediate dispatch of a health care professional. The call centre can also dispatch of the patient to an urgent care facility. Our call centre services include after-hours call answering and message dispatch and delivery. Communication can be delivered by a live operator, voice mail, text, email, and fax. 

Working together, we’ll create a script customized to your specific patients in mind, so we know how to best answer the calls. In addition to this, you can provide us with answers to frequently asked questions and other resources so we can better assist your callers. Your administrators, nurses and caregivers can focus their time on patient care, instead of managing inbound calls and message dispatching. This will benefit your patients and increase the amount of time and care your compassionate team can provide. Patients and their loved ones will gain peace of mind when they know someone can be reached whenever they might need them. 

The CommAlert Group is passionate about helping others. We understand the gentleness and empathy required to serve your hospice and home care organization. We will provide effective communication, prompt service and providing sensitive customer service to all your callers. 

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