When you’re managing property, there is a lot to deal with at once! Receiving calls, setting up lease agreements and responding to maintenance concerns are just a few. Imagine if you had an experienced team working for you 24/7, 365 days a year helping you manage all these things? That’s what you’ll get when you hire The CommAlert Group for your call answering services.

Property management call answering services

Our experienced agents are highly trained and can provide professional call answering services for your property management company. Whether you need answering services during regular business hours, after-hours services or full virtual receptionist services, we can help. 

Our call centre solutions will take care of your leasing and maintenance calls, round-the-clock, every day of the year. We can help catch those missed leasing opportunities, increase revenue by helping you to sign leases and reduce vacancy time. Our agents will know the details of your property and can help sell it, improve service and renew leases.

Call centre services can help you streamline your processes and operate more efficiently. Instead of spending your time taking and dealing with calls, messages and appointment scheduling, you can focus on managing and maintaining the property. Leave the calls to us, so your on-site staff can show units, provide service to tenants and deal with maintenance tasks. 

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