The CommAlert Group specializes in providing medical and veterinary clinics with call answering services. Whether you’re a small clinic with a single vet on staff or a large practice with multiple doctors, we can provide a call centre solution to meet your specific needs. 

Veterinary call answering services

The CommAlert Group can offer call overflow answering services during business hours, after-hours call answering, weekend and holiday coverage. Consider us your virtual receptionist, on the job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can also schedule, confirm and cancel appointments, send appointment reminders, respond to email inquiries, screen emergency calls and dispatch your on-call veterinarians when needed. 

Our agents can send messages or dispatch your doctor on-call in any way of your choosing. Some options include text message, email, fax, phone or a web message. The CommAlert Group is passionate about helping people and their animals and will ensure a professional has been alerted of the situation at hand as soon as possible. 

The CommAlert Group will be an extension of your team. We’ll handle things when you’re not there. You’ll never have to worry about leaving a patient uncared for or miss out on new business. Your non-emergency calls will be handled warmly and professionally, and we’ll be there to answer any questions your callers might have outside of business hours.

Our knowledgeable and experienced call centre agents will receive training, specifically on how to handle your inbound calls and message dispatching. We’ll work closely with your team to develop a script. In addition, we’ll gather any other resources, including answers to frequently asked questions. This allows us to assist our agents in providing the right information. Your callers will never know they’re reaching a call centre and you can rest easy knowing we’re taking good care of your customers. 

Giving you more time to focus on your practice

Hiring veterinary call centre services will free up more time for you and your in-house staff. That means you can focus on the patient and client care. We will simplify your responsibilities and help increase efficiency and organization for your vet clinic. With this big job off your plate, you will save money. Plus,  you’ll be able to provide a more focussed service to the animals and their families in your care. 

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