Your job is to take care of your patient’s health. Our job is to assist with calls, appointment scheduling, message dispatching and more. The CommAlert Group has extensive experience providing healthcare call answering services as well as emergency communication services. Patients who call your office or clinic will never know they’re not speaking with your own in-house reception. They’ll receive the same warm, professional care any member of your staff would give them. 

Doctor & healthcare call answering services

Our live call centre agents have been specifically trained to assist with the healthcare services sector. We can screen calls, determine emergencies, forward referrals and schedule, cancel and confirm appointments for your medical office. Messages can be delivered via text, email, fax, live agent or any other method you request. You can even provide us access to your digital or online scheduling system and we can enter appointments in directly.

The CommAlert Group will work with your office manager or doctor, to put together a detailed on-call routing and scripting for both emergency and routine inbound calls. This will help us assist your patients as thoroughly as possible when they call. Then we can forward the call or dispatch the message as per your specific instructions. 

Non-urgent appointments can be scheduled accordingly, while emergencies are distributed and dispatched immediately to the medical professionals that are on-call. Our call centre operates 24/7, 365 days a year ensuring your clinic or medical office will never miss a call. 

Dental: In some cases, a call into your dental office can be an emergency! People don’t like to wait too long to deal with a painful dental problem. Our 24-hour call answering service will handle all calls, emergency and non-urgent, and dispatch them accordingly. Read more about dental call answering services. 

Pediatrics: Call answering services can help put concerned parent’s minds at ease. We can dispatch the call to a doctor on-call, take a message, schedule an appointment and assist with a range of virtual reception services for your pediatric clinic. 

Family Practice: Our doctor’s office call answering service will ensure your valued patients are well-cared for. We can answer questions they might have, schedule, cancel and confirm appointments however works best for you. We can also take and dispatch messages and help your patients feel at ease when they call after-hours.

Mental Health: Our call centre agents are trained to provide compassion and respect to your callers. If a caller is in crisis, we can forward them to the appropriate mental health crisis line and ensure they get the care they need as soon as possible. 

OB/GYN: If a patient is calling your office, it’s because they have a concern regarding their pregnancy or need a response to the urgency of labour. Available 24/7, our call centre services will ensure women in need of your services get the help they require in a professional and caring manner.

Cosmetic Surgery: If the demand for your services is growing, maintain good customer service with our medical call answering services. We will provide thoughtful, professional customer service to all your patients. Whether you hire us for business hour call answering or for after-hours, we’ll ensure patient privacy and build their trust in your clinic. 

In the healthcare industry, people need to be able to reach a healthcare professional at any time of day. Medical emergencies don’t just happen within your clinic’s regular business hours. The CommAlert Group offers call centre services 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Maintain your office hours, and then rest easy knowing your patients will always be able to reach someone afterhours.  

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