The CommAlert Group offers both emergency communications and call centre services to a wide range of industries. Our call centre is operational 24/7, 365 days a year, ensuring we are ready to assist your callers or begin your emergency communications plan. Here’s how we can help your industry and organization. 


The healthcare sector, including hospital, care facilities and home care workers, uses a variety of our services. From the call centre solutions side, clinics and healthcare professionals take advantage of our call answering service, appointment scheduling and other virtual assistant services. 

When they require communication in emergency situations, we can provide them with customized emergency alerts and mass notifications. We also provide health care professionals who work alone with our lone worker safety monitoring service. This is ideal for health care professionals who work in home care, who are often working alone. It ensures they are safe.  

Oil & Gas

The CommAlert Group has a long history with the oil and gas sector in Western Canada. Our emergency communications are integrated into their safety and operations procedures. Our technicians are constantly collecting, correcting and managing information about workers and community members, offering daily data management and regular reporting. Your standard operating procedure for emergency communications is activated when we get the call. This could include activating an emergency alert system with mass notifications, dispatching messages to key people of your team and other crisis communication services as per your emergency response plan.

We also offer lone worker safety monitoring for any employees that must work alone or travel as part of their job. Our staff are highly trained in emergency situation response and equipped with the best tools to help make sure your employees are monitored and safe when working alone. 


All municipalities should have an emergency response plan. It should include a plan for effective communication to key organizations, first responders and for community members. The CommAlert Group are leaders in crisis communications and has proven experience assisting municipalities with communication in emergency situations. When floods ravished High River in 2013, we set up an emergency communications triage centre on-site, providing updates and notifications to community members, healthcare organizations, first responders and the government organizations involved. Learn more about our emergency response team.

For municipalities, our services are not limited to just emergency communications. We can set up mass notifications so you can communicate with community members. Use them to share information about waste collection schedules, road construction delays and other information they might need. Our call centre services can provide call answering, dispatching, and other virtual assistant services to your municipal offices. 

If you don’t have a solid emergency communication plan in place, contact The CommAlert Group today!