Asset Tracking and Fleet Tracking Services

Asset tracking, or asset monitoring, is when you track physical assets, like products, supplies, merchandise or the transport vehicle itself, using scanned barcodes, GPS or RFID. The CommAlert Group offers asset and fleet tracking services using the technology of your choice.

Asset Tracking

While we do not sell or provide the technology products, like the GPS or RFID trackers, we can make recommendations for tech or work with what you already use. Then we can monitor your assets as they travel, whether it’s to a different shelf in storage, across a warehouse, shipping yard or across the country. We provide full reports, including real-time reports, on the position of each asset or group of assets to you as required.

Having an asset tracking system is an essential part of your asset management processes. It can help you quickly and easily locate specific assets when required, reduce theft or loss, increase accountability, increase efficiency and organization of your physical assets and help reduce administrative costs on your end. Asset tracking also allows you to improve customer service, ensuring those things arrive when and where they’re supposed to, and allowing you to quickly troubleshoot when they don’t.

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