Managing Your Company’s Help Desk Support Line

Providing technical and product support is essential for many types of businesses. Most help desk issues can be resolved using basic information and simple instructions. The CommAlert Group offers professional help desk services. You’ll save time, money and human resources outsourcing your support line, so you can focus on growing your business and serving customers.

Our call centre agents are experienced, trained professionals. They are customer service experts, providing a high level of professional service to your callers. We will take the time to learn your business, products and services. Working together, you’ll provide us with the resources we need to best serve your customers. This could include technical information about your products, answers to frequently asked questions, best practices and customized scripts for answering calls.


Our call centre services include troubleshooting issues with your customer. From there we can create a ticket for the issue, that will be dispatched to your internal team immediately. For any calls that require immediate assistance, and are outside of our scope of resources, we can dispatch your on-call technicians to assist. We will continue to follow a call escalation procedure, that we will create specifically for your organization.

The CommAlert Group can provide help desk services via live telephone calls, email or live web chat on your company’s website. If you are ready to outsource your help desk and technical support, call us today!