When disaster strikes and property is damaged, people are desperate for quick restoration services. Let CommAlert manage inbound calls for your disaster restoration company. Your current and potential customers will be greeted by a warm, understanding and professional person. Our call centre services are available 24/7, providing coverage for your disaster restoration company at all times. 

Call answering services when disaster strikes.

Natural disasters like floods, storms and wildfires can happen at any time. Unforeseen emergencies like a burst pipe or house fire don’t always happen during business hours. Your customers could need your help 24/7. Hence, having an after-hours call answering service to field emergency calls is very important to your industry. The faster your team can be dispatched to the problem, the less damage there will be, and the more relieved the customer will feel. If you want to stay competitive in the disaster restoration industry, providing a quick response to your callers is key. The CommAlert Group can make that happen. 

How we can help.

The CommAlert Group call centre agents will ensure all emergency calls receive immediate dispatch to your on-call team members. For non-urgent calls, we will take a message or schedule an appointment for service the next available day. Our call centre solutions include appointment scheduling directly into your calendar, management of your on-call technicians, and job responses and providing full reports as often as you need them. We can also coordinate equipment rentals, carpet and furniture cleaning and other services your customers might require. 

We can provide scripts to greet and assist your customers, or customize a script(s) based on your specific needs. You can also give us a list of frequently asked questions and other resources to better assist your customers. We will follow your instructions, and deliver messages as they are received via email, text message, fax or a live call. Think of us as your virtual receptionist! 

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