Dentist Call Answering Services

When your patients call your dental office, they should receive fast and friendly service. The CommAlert Group offers 24/7 call answering services that are specialized for dental and medical clinics. Our live call centre agents are highly trained and will know how to respond to your inbound calls. They can follow a script based on your specific requirements, or we can provide a script for you to review. Think of us as your virtual receptionist!

How we can help dental offices.

When callers go to voicemail, they typically hang up before leaving a message. Our call centre solutions offer around-the-clock call answering services. When your patients call at lunch time or outside of business hours, our agents will help them by scheduling, canceling and confirming appointments. Also, if you provide us with answers to frequently asked questions, we can give callers the information they need (ie: address and directions to your location). Alternatively, if you would  rather CommAlert simply takes and dispatches messages, we can do that too. 

How messages are taken?

The CommAlert Group can customize your message-taking and dispatching however you’d like. Through our medical and dentist call answering services, we will take the message and deliver it to your office via text message, email, fax or phone. You can even provide us access to your digital or online scheduling system, and we can enter appointments directly. In the event of an emergency, we can patch calls directly to your office or any on-call dentist. This will allow your caller to connect with your clinic immediately. 

A live voice is better than an automated greeting.

People always prefer to speak to an actual person over an automated greeting. When you patients call, CommAlert agents will assist them warmly, professionally and promptly. Having a live voice assist them will help them feel like they’re in good hands. Our 24/7 dental answering service is the best way to respond to your callers, no matter the time of day, and prevents the need to hire more staff. 

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