Immersive Indigenous learning

CommAlert CSR works with our members to create opportunities and incorporate Indigenous learning into Western culture and business structures. We call this The Champions Effect. We integrate these learning opportunities into activities and the structures of our organizations and corporations. We’ll work with you to create unique events that meet the Corporate and Philanthropic objectives of Corporate Social Responsibility and equality, Diversity, and Inclusion.

The Champions effect process requires commitment from members. It’s comprehensive, immersive, time-intensive and rewarding. We invite you to walk with us on this meaningful journey!

Corporate and philanthropic retreats

The Champions Effect offers corporate or philanthropic retreats the beginning of a journey of reciprocity and long-term reconciliation. First, we must join together to share knowledge, learn and build relationships. At these retreats, Reconciliation365 will share the tools you need to build a successful Corporate or Organizational Reconciliation Action Plan. At the same time, we’ll be stimulating economic activity within communities and with Indigenous businesses.

Your experience with the Champions Effect will be non-linear. Prepare to go with the flow! We customize these experiences for individuals or groups. However, the retreat will always offer world-class lodging and amenities with a one-of-a-kind land-based experience. These multi-day gatherings will facilitate a unique understanding of the Indigenous world, culture and experience. It’s more than networking and collaborating, though that is part of it. In addition, the Champions Effect retreats will host a diverse set of people. You might meet entrepreneurs, academics, philanthropists, business leaders, artists, athletes and government officials.

The process will take time, curiosity, and the willingness to learn from others. Land-based learning and gatherings of diverse folks with a desire for a greater understanding of Indigenous culture contribute to reconciliation. The Champions Effect helps with community building and continued collaboration between Indigenous and non-Indigenous partners.

50% of the Champions Effect membership fee is directed to the Amplify Reciprocity fund. The remaining funds are used to build the Champions Effect experiences.

Become a member of The Champions Effect. Contact us today!