3 ways outsourcing your appointment scheduling can help your business


An effective and efficient scheduling system can make all the difference when you run a business that schedules client appointments. Whether your clients are booking medical or dental appointments, home services, or you’re a municipality offering public services, a proper scheduling system will impact all areas of your business.

In this article, we share three ways that outsourcing your appointment scheduling can help your business soar!

Save time and resources

Appointment scheduling is a massive task for businesses. Because of this, so many have staff devoted to this job. Clients often need to cancel and reschedule. Last-minute cancellations and last-minute bookings can cause scheduling headaches for you and your clients. Appointment scheduling is very time-consuming.

When you outsource this task to a professional appointment scheduling and call answering service, you take so much off your plate! Not only will you have a dedicated service to handle the hefty task of scheduling, rescheduling and dealing with cancellations, but you also won’t have to hire your own staff for the job. Outsourcing appointment scheduling will save your business money. It will also free up time to work your business as you always envisioned.

Automated appointment reminders

No-show appointments are frustrating. They waste time and cost your business hard-earned dollars. However, to help reduce the number of customers forgetting their appointments, there is an easy solution. Outsource your appointment scheduling to The CommAlert Group!

We will implement a system using automated appointment reminder notifications. Your clients will receive these reminders via email, text or phone call. So, for example, if you run a law firm and a potential client schedules a consultation, we can send out reminders a few days and a few hours before. These automated reminders will help ensure your potential client makes it to you.

Promote products and services

When your clients call in using our appointment scheduling service, they will speak with trained professionals from our 24-hour call centre. Our agents will have all the information they need to provide excellent customer service. We will also make sure our agents have the proper training to market and sell your products and answer any inquiries that come their way.

In some cases, your client may not even need an appointment once they’ve got the correct information from our agents. Instead, clients can move straight to buying your product or booking your service! In the service industry, we can help field calls, answer questions and book services for your clients as needed.

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