Why more business owners are hiring a virtual assistant


For small business owners, completing all the administration tasks for your business can be challenging. Unfortunately, hiring in-house reception or administrative staff to tackle these tasks can take a lot of time and resources.

Hiring a virtual assistant could be a cost-effective solution for smoother business processes. Clearing tasks like answering calls and scheduling appointments off your schedule allows you to focus on higher-value tasks that help your business grow.

Save time

Time is finite. And most entrepreneurs or business owners need more of it! You want to dedicate as much time as possible to strategic planning, growth, and streamlining operations to earn more revenue. To free up that time, consider outsourcing things like managing your appointment schedule, checking emails, dispatching staff, answering calls, and data entry.

CommAlert’s virtual assistant solutions can handle those tasks. We can train our call centre staff to look after the individual needs of your business. Our services include appointment scheduling, answering customer calls quickly and updating database information —to name a few!

Cut costs

Keeping in-house staff for office work can be expensive, regardless of whether you have hired full- or part-time employees. On top of this, providing benefits such as sick days, medical and dental benefits, paid leave, and even office space will add to your costs.

Virtual Assistants are a cost-effective solution for businesses that don’t have the resources to employ in-house staff – but need them! At CommAlert, our experienced virtual assistants can provide several services and business solutions.

These services include email support, responding to social media inquiries, call answering and dispatching, scheduling appointments, and handling inbound sales calls! Our trained agents will be well-versed in your business processes, products, and services; your callers will never know they’ve reached a virtual assistant.

Boost customer service

Nowadays, customers expect an immediate response. In the social media age, clients want answers to their questions about products and services in the fastest turnaround time possible. When managing a business, ensuring you can attend to all customer queries quickly can be a challenge. But not when you hire a virtual assistant!

CommAlert will help improve your customer service with our real-time call answering and fast-response email, social media and online live chat services. Not only will this help bolster customer service at your company, it will also increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Call CommAlert today to discuss our virtual assistant plans and learn how we can help grow your business with virtual assistant services.