How you can support your customers over the holidays

For some businesses, the holidays can be a busy time. It’s also when you and your employees would like to take time off work. If you’re reducing hours or closing during the holidays, who will take care of your customers?

The answer is usually you, the business owner. However, CommAlert has a solution so you can rest this holiday season. We can provide continued support for your customers and ensure your team gets the time off they deserve.

Phone coverage throughout the holidays

Call answering services can help in a few ways. First, if your business experiences a spike in calls over the holidays, we can provide extra coverage. Our agents will assist your customers on the phone, so your team members can focus on their core tasks during this busier time.

Second, we can take over your calls over the holidays completely. If you plan on closing the office until the New Year, our agents can manage your inbound calls. They’ll answer every call promptly, and our agents are equipped with the information about your business to provide the service each caller needs.

Call answering and dispatching services

Depending on the type of business you run, you might not be able to close down entirely for the holidays. For example, plumbers and HVAC companies provide 24-hour emergency services. Will you be taking those calls during Christmas dinner? You don’t have to!

CommAlert offers a 24-hour call answering service that covers stat holidays. Our trained agents can triage each call and follow your specific call answering and dispatching procedure. We know that not every call is an emergency. Those non-emergency calls don’t need to disturb your family holiday. If, after speaking with your customer, our agent determines the call can wait, we’ll take a message. We can send it right away, or you can get it when you’re back to work. If the call requires emergency services, we will contact your team member on call for that day.

A virtual assistant can keep things running

Thinking about coming back to a mountain of work at the end of a holiday can make it difficult to relax. A virtual assistant can keep those administrative tasks flowing while your team is away. For example, your virtual assistant can manage your email, appointment schedule, answer phone calls and send messages. They’ll keep those tasks running while you’re away, so you can essentially pick back up where you left off.

Treat yourself to a real break this holiday season. It doesn’t take long to onboard your company and set up these call centre services. For more information or to get started, contact The CommAlert Group.