Top customer complaints for medical clinics blame customer service

If your medical clinic gets bad reviews, it could be a communication issue.

A study published in the Journal of Medical Practice Management showed that among 35,000 online doctor reviews, poor communication was the common frustration. 96% of complaints were about poor customer service, disorganization and long delays. 53% commented that bad communication was at fault for their negative experiences.

Only 1 in 25 were unhappy with their actual examination, treatment, or outcome.  Patients are generally pleased with the quality of care they’re receiving, but bad customer service is still causing negative experiences.

Outsourcing call centre services 

Medical and healthcare services clinics can get busy, even swamped. Patients need assistance in person, and sometimes the phone rings off the hook. If you’re having difficulty managing inbound calls, minimizing on-hold times, and managing appointments, outsourcing these tasks could be the answer.

Call answering

Most of your communication with patients is over the phone. If your team is having a hard time getting to calls, or patients are waiting on hold or can’t get through, there is a problem. Those are the patients complaining online about lousy customer service, long delays, and poor communication.

Call answering services is the solution. Our highly-trained and experienced call centre operators can manage your inbound calls. Every patient is greeted by a live, professional, and friendly person who can provide the information they need. Our agents have experience with health care services call answering.  We understand that empathy and focused attention are essential to quality care and customer service.

We can answer your calls during high call volume times, after hours, or throughout the day. In addition, we offer call overring services. If your staff member cannot answer the phone within a certain number of rings, it goes to our agent. This service ensures every patient receives fast, effective, and high-quality customer service every time they call.

Appointment scheduling

Unfortunately, disorganization is also a primary complaint of medical clinics. However, call answering services combined with appointment scheduling can help you stay on track and improve customer service.

We take the calls and schedule the appointments. CommAlert can do this by integrating with your scheduling software or using another method of your choice. We can also manage cancellations and rescheduling and ensure you have an updated report in real-time.

Call centre services are an affordable and effective solution for busy clinics. You can streamline your process and improve customer service. Let’s get started.