Three reasons why your HVAC company needs call answering


24/7 emergency services are an essential part of any HVAC business. Being available for that middle-of-the-night call when your customer’s heat breaks down on a cold winter night is vital. Customers look for this service when they choose their HVAC company. Often they stay with them when their emergency service comes through. Here are three reasons why outsourcing your after-hours call answering are a smart move.

Improved customer service 

Excellent customer service is one of the cornerstones of any successful business. You want to be there for your customers whenever they have a question or a problem. If customers feel left hanging, they will take their business elsewhere. Alternatively, if a customer issue is handled quickly, with the care and support of a friendly representative, you’ll likely have that customer for years to come.

The ability to offer exceptional customer service is why 24/7 customer support is crucial to HVAC businesses. More often than not, if your client is trying to reach you after hours, they have a problem that needs immediate attention. In cold dark winter, it could be an emergency. Ensure you can deliver the support they need with our round-the-clock answering service.

Reduced staffing costs

Keeping staff employed after-hours to make sure there is always someone who can answer your customer calls is expensive. In some cases, that responsibility falls to the business owner and often calls that may be important but are not true emergencies. Fielding and triaging these calls impacts staff hours and time management. It can also make handling real emergencies more complicated.

CommAlert can take care of this much-needed part of your business for a much more affordable price. You won’t be paying your employees to take calls after hours. Nor will you have to pay them to work on statutory holidays. And it gives everyone a break, including yourself, so you can do the things you enjoy after work.

Our knowledgeable and trained professional agents will be on hand during these times to offer outstanding customer service while reducing your costs. 

Streamlined scheduling and dispatch

Some callers need immediate service. Some are just looking for information or have a complaint they want to address in a hurry. Other customers may have last-minute scheduling changes or a message they must get to their HVAC company as soon as it opens. Often your staff must juggle all these customer needs, manage calls and handle technician dispatch. 

Instead, put this in the hands of our 24/7 call answering service. We can determine which clients might need immediate assistance, dispatch a technician, or book your clients for service during business hours when call-out rates will be lower. 

In addition, we can also provide callers with the information they might be looking for, handle customer concerns with attention and pass on less time-sensitive messages so you can follow up during business hours. CommAlert can also use your HVAC company’s appointment scheduling system, integrate an online system, make spreadsheets, or hand your appointment scheduling in whatever format works best for you. 

Setting up a call answering service is fast and affordable. Contact us to learn more about how outsourcing your after-hours calls can improve your HVAC or trades business.