24/7 Appointment Scheduling Services

The CommAlert Group offers 24/7 appointment scheduling services as part of our comprehensive call centre services. Our agents are properly trained to arrange and schedule meetings and appointments with customers and patients, restricting any scheduling in accordance to your specific requirements and includes appointment confirmation and cancelling services.

Appointment Scheduling

Web-based or emailed appointment scheduling and management

We can set up your appointment scheduling service specific to your needs. Your customers and patients can call and speak to one of our live agents to book the appointment. From there we can schedule that appointment by logging into your own web-based scheduling program or by keeping a spreadsheet and emailing it to you at the end of each day. Using a cloud-based scheduling platform allows you to see all changes and updates in real-time from your office. It also allows you to login to block off time slots that you are not available for.

We can also send emails and text message notifications to alert you of new appointments, changes or cancellations so you can better plan your day. Our live agents will also reschedule appointments as required, providing a hassle and confusion-free process to managing your schedule, and more positive experience for your customers or patients.

This service, along with our other call centre solutions, can be combined into a customised call centre service package for your business or health service clinic. Contact us to learn more about our all-inclusive call answering service.