Why your healthcare clinic needs call centre appointment scheduling


Using a call centre for handing your medical or dental clinics appointment scheduling has many benefits. It can give your patients an efficient and less frustrating experience while streamlining your clinic’s business practices.

What exactly is call centre appointment scheduling?

Medical clinics, dental offices, counseling centres, and holistic health providers are just a few examples of businesses that take advantage of call centre appointment scheduling. If scheduling appointments make up the bulk of what you do, you’ll benefit from it too.

CommAlert can offer appointment scheduling in two ways. If you find your reception is putting calls on hold, we can be there as a backup. After a certain number of rings, the call comes to the call centre, and we schedule the appointment. You can also set up an automated phone system that guides callers to make an appointment. They press ‘1’ to schedule an appointment, and we get the call.

Then our skilled and trained call centre representatives will take the appointment and seamlessly transfer it into your system in real-time. Your callers will never know they’ve reached a call centre. They will be served fast and efficiently, and your frontline staff will be relieved of this sometimes-overwhelming task.

What are the key benefits of this appointment scheduling service?

A better caller experience.

People generally don’t like to be put on hold. If your patients are having a hard time reaching someone right away, they might get frustrated. With appointment scheduling, your callers are helped quickly.

Relief for your frontline staff. 

If your frontline staff is overwhelmed with patients, on the phone, and in-person, that means everyone is feeling the negative impact. When appointment scheduling, cancelations, and rescheduling is being taken care of, your staff can pay better attention to the people that are right in front of them. They can also be more productive at other tasks around the office.

An affordable option. 

Using a call centre for your appointment scheduling will be far less expensive than recruiting and hiring another employee to pick up the slack. We will provide a range of services at affordable rates.

Fewer mistakes. 

Our call centre representatives are highly trained, experienced individuals. They know how to provide friendly and professional service while optimizing your appointment booking process. You won’t have to worry about double bookings, missed appointment cancelations or mix-ups with rescheduling. Scheduling appointments will be their primary focus for your business, which ensures accuracy.

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