What is an information hotline?


Have you ever thought about implementing a 1-800 number information hotline? Providing fast access to accurate information can improve customer service, loyalty and your brand image. Most hotlines offer 24/7 support, like product or technical support, and provide information and field concerns or complaints.

Additionally, information hotlines are extremely useful in emergencies and can help provide timely and essential information to callers in times of crisis.

If you think an information hotline could benefit your business or organization, The CommAlert Group is here to support you! Here, we share more on two of the most common types of information hotline services we can help with.

Customer service hotline

In the digital era, customers expect fast response times with immediate answers to their questions, often round-the-clock. However, 24/7 in-house customer support can be a costly endeavour. Not to mention, assigning staff to look after this job may leave less staff available to do other tasks that are integral to your business.

You reap many benefits when you implement a 24/7 hotline for customer support through The CommAlert Group. For example, our highly trained call centre agents will help streamline business processes. They do this by answering pressing customer questions and even helping turn inquiries into sales. As a result, your clients will feel cared for. Our experienced agents can answer every call immediately without putting customers on hold or through a frustrating automated phone system menu.

Plus, our team is so good at what they do that your customers won’t even know they’re speaking to an outside agent. We design our call answering service and have all the necessary information to manage each call. As a result, your customers feel they’re talking to someone directly from your business.

Crises communications hotline

When your municipality or organization is dealing with a disaster, getting pertinent information out as quickly as possible can be crucial. We can set up a crisis response centre to support all those impacted.

Once first responders and other authorities deem an emergency zone safe, this is where we come in. Our team of professionals will set up an emergency call centre triage at the emergency site or as near as possible. Doing this is a great first step to ensure everyone involved is receiving up-to-date and accurate information. From there, our highly trained staff will work shifts to answer questions or field calls from community members, stakeholders, and employees.

CommAlert Group’s trained team will also provide customized messages to all those affected by the disaster. These messages are determined by your emergency communications response plan. On top of this, we can alert government agencies when there are updates.

Complete Care for First Nations

We have specific experience providing complete crisis communication services for First Nations communities. These services include a virtual triage and information hotline service, emergency alerts and mass notifications, and lone worker monitoring. In addition, we provide inbound and outbound safety calls, monitoring, reporting, and updates.

In addition, CommAlert can provide comprehensive virtual training to your staff or community members so you can run your own crisis communication centre. Community-led information lines positively impact First Nations communities when offered in the traditional Indigenous language. Language is essential for elders, who are often the most vulnerable in crisis.

To learn more about our extensive information hotline services, call The CommAlert Group today!