Do customers still want human customer support?


AI is becoming more widespread across industries, including the customer service sector. However, it’s crucial to consider what the customer wants- not just what is most convenient for the business. So, with the rise of AI, do customers still want to speak to a real human person?

Yes, customers still prefer human agents.

The answer is clear. Customers still prefer support from human agents over Artificial Intelligence. A report by PWC found that 75% of consumers want human interaction. The customer support technology must be speedy, convenient, and seamless. And, unsurprisingly, they want the service they receive to be friendly and helpful. Fortunately, a professional human-operated customer service centre, like CommAlert’s, checks these boxes.

A survey by Cogito found similar results. 53% of consumers said they prefer to speak with a live human agent rather than an online chatbot. However, almost half of the surveyed consumers were comfortable with the human agent using AI as a background tool to provide better customer service.

Three reasons why customers prefer human customer support

  1. Human operators can connect with customers on an emotional level, creating an emotional connection that is foundational to good customer service.

  2. Human agents can navigate complex situations and provide tailored solutions, resulting in greater customer satisfaction. In most cases, you’ll only have to explain your problem once to a human instead of rewording it to get a helpful response from an AI chatbot.

  3. Human agents offer greater transparency and accountability. They can better explain decisions, clarify policies, and accept responsibility for any errors or issues.

Combining the human touch with AI technology

Despite recent advances in AI, the majority of customers still want to speak with another human. Ultimately, human operators provide the empathy and emotional connection that makes customers feel valued. Humans can think critically, understand emotional problems, and provide insightful and empathetic solutions. 

But that doesn’t mean AI technology should be abandoned altogether. This technology is a tool—and it can be a valuable one. Companies can utilize AI to provide even better service to their customers. Striking the right balance, however, will be crucial. 

Conversely, abandoning live human agents entirely will cause problems for businesses. It can significantly reduce customer satisfaction, thus driving customers away. PWC also found that one in three consumers will leave a favourite brand after just one bad experience. The stakes are too high to abandon human customer service. 

In addition, new regulations could harm companies that have switched to purely AI customer service. For example, the EU will make “the right to talk to a human” in customer service by 2028.

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