A call centre can help home services companies with emergency response


When you’re working in the trades, you are in high demand. Your services are needed during regular business hours but often in the off-hours as well. Plumbing, electrical and HVAC contractors that provide excellent 24-hour emergency call-answering services are ahead of the game. When you have excellent emergency call management and dispatch protocol, you’ll keep your customers happy and grow your business.

CommAlert offers 24-hour emergency call answering services to help your business thrive. Here, we explain the benefits of using our call-answering services for your trade or home services business.

A cost-effective call-answering solution

Keeping staff on-call to be there for customers in need in the off-hours can get pricey. At the same time, a great 24-hour emergency response protocol is essential to a home services business where customers need help in the late hours and early mornings. Sometimes, a plumbing or heating emergency can happen in the middle of the night!

CommAlert’s call-answering service is a cost-effective solution for your business. We will work with you to tailor to the needs of your customers. We train our call center agents with scripts, FAQs and the valuable information they need to assist your clients. Our dispatchers can help determine when a service tech needs dispatching or if a service appointment can be booked during regular business hours. We can also help escalate call-out procedures in an emergency.

Combining these services and more offers your business an affordable and efficient way to keep on top of your emergency and after-hours calls.


All customer calls will be recorded when you use a 24-hour call-answering service like CommAlert. This means no vital information will be left out, such as client contact information or the details of the issue they might be having. With all information recorded, call-answering agents can also ensure the right service technician is contacted. Then, the technician can communicate with the customer as needed.

Improved customer service

In today’s world, customers expect fast response times no matter the time of day or night. Your clients have become used to accessing 24-hour support through various web and telephone services, and your business need not offer any less. CommAlert’s call-answering service will boost your customer service. Our streamlined protocols will ensure all calls are handled quickly and efficiently.

Another bonus? When your customers reach CommAlert’s call-answering service, they will speak to an actual human. More and more companies are increasing their use of AI for customer service responses, which can be frustrating for clients at best. Speaking to a human being when you need assistance will make all the difference for your clients.

Call CommAlert today to learn how we can help your trade business with our 24-hour emergency call answering services!