5 reasons you should switch to 24-hour customer service


In today’s fast-paced world, consumers want access to information, products, and services quickly. Offering 24-hour customer support can provide them with that access, improve their experience, and build loyalty.

Here are five reasons why you should switch to offering 24-hour customer services: 

1. Customers want real-time support.

Your customers can encounter a problem at any time. If that happens, high-quality assistance must be available quickly and easily. Otherwise, customers can become frustrated, even angry. They may feel as if your organization does not value them or that it is too difficult to deal with. Either way, your business risks losing customers.

Ultimately, customers expect prompt support that is immediately available. No one wants to discover that help isn’t available until tomorrow morning. They also don’t want to be placed on hold or forced to navigate a confusing automated phone system in their time of need.

With CommAlert’s 24/7 professional call answering service, your customers get the help they want. Our experienced agents answer calls quickly and provide real-time support round-the-clock. 

2. They want help from a real human being.

When you rely on automated phone systems, whether they use pre-recorded messages or AI, customer experience suffers. These systems can be incredibly frustrating to navigate. More often than not, customers have to practically battle with the automated system to get help. It’s time-consuming, irritating, and ineffective.

On the other hand, a 24/7 call centre operated by real human beings provides prompt, effective, and empathetic assistance. Customers are greeted by the friendly voice of a live call agent who cares about their experience and listens intently. The agent shows compassion, responds to their concerns with empathy, and speaks respectfully. Plus, they can offer solutions tailored specifically to address the customer’s problem. 

3. It boosts customer loyalty and retention

Customers who receive prompt, real-time support, helpful solutions, and empathetic assistance are far more likely to remain customers. Poor customer service, conversely, can drive people away. 

Customer satisfaction is one of the most critical factors in customer retention. You must go above and beyond for your customers, especially when they come to you with a problem, complaint, or emergency. These unfortunate situations allow you to show customers that you care and demonstrate your superb customer service. 

That’s why a 24/7 call answering service is an effective way of building customer loyalty. Why would they switch to a competitor if help is always available whenever they need it?

4. It strengthens your brand

Happy customers spread the word about your brand! They are loyal to your organization and share your brand with friends, family, and peers, gaining you new customers as a result.

Personal recommendations remain a powerful tool for growing your business and strengthening your brand. The positive experiences of your existing customers solidify your brand reputation. Your organization has become known for its outstanding customer service, and your 24-hour call centre plays a vital role in this. 

Remember, as your reputation grows, so does your revenue. 

5. It can increase revenue

Your company’s revenue is tied directly to your customer service. Unsatisfied customers tend to take their business elsewhere, bolstering your competitors’ businesses instead of yours. It is far more economical to retain your existing customers rather than constantly trying to replace them. 

Increasing your retention rates impacts your profits, so customer satisfaction is vital. Your team should do everything possible to ensure that customers leave every interaction with your brand feeling valued, heard, and helped. Regardless of the time! Fortunately, 24-hour customer service makes this possible.

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