The Goodwill Project Finalist: HRing

Hire for what’s in between the lines of a resume. Hire personality.

What we do

HRing is a professional social platform that allows people to apply for jobs with a pitch and pre-record interviews. Job seekers can interact with organizations that are looking for authenticity so both businesses and job seekers can save time and find more culturally aligned employment.

Job-seekers can create a professional social brand and drive their career forward by displaying what really makes them special!

In addition, employers can meet potential candidates for their positions and get a better sense of whether that person will be a good fit for their business or organization. The HRing platform streamlines the recruiting process and eliminates the need for a large database of resume files. You can meet people as they apply for their job postings and watch and swipe through videos pitches of applications. This allows employers to view soft skills and learn how candidates will or will not align with their organization. HRing helps employers find the right person for the job!

Who we are

HRing is made up of a diverse team that represents regions from all over the world including Nigeria, India, South America, and Europe. We are committed to reducing resume bias and believe should have the chance at meaningful employment. Our platform supports them so they can find a supportive workplace where they feel proud being a part of.

I got the idea for HRing when I was graduating from University. I saw some friends who had changed their names on their resumes to be “North American” names and my heart sank. I knew there had to be a better way for people to apply for jobs while being exactly who they are. We believe in diverse and inclusive hiring and are starting to work with organizations like Inclusion Alberta, You Can Play, and Open to All.