RUNWITHIT Synthetics pays it forward

RUNWITHIT Synthetics pays it forward, contributing to CommAlert’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative.

One act of goodwill often leads to another and can ignite a passion in people and businesses to create positive change in the world around them. 

The Goodwill Project

In late 2021, The CommAlert Group developed The Goodwill Project. This initiative was to gift CommAlert’s downtown office space to a local startup that was driven to help others and change the world. The gift was the fully furnished and equipped office space on Jasper Avenue, with the lease and internet service paid for two years. 

After receiving over 70 applicants, The Goodwill Project team narrowed them down to the final five. These five organizations made their pitch for the office in January 2022. The winner was RUNWITHIT Synthetics (RUNWITHIT), a women-led, Certified Aboriginal Business committed to diversity, positive global impact, and passionate about designing better futures for everyone. 

Corporate Social Responsibility 

Since then, CommAlert and the company’s President/CEO, Tim Carwell, have a continued focus on how to build and amplify goodwill in the business community. They are developing opportunities for strengthening corporate social responsibility. This initiative is within CommAlert and is expanding to reach communities throughout Canada. 

RUNWITHIT shares these values with CommAlert and has contributed to this initiative with a significant financial commitment to continue work in this space. They will provide capital and guidance as companies develop the concept of corporate social responsibility, social enterprise, and economic reconciliation. RUNWITHIT will also continue its social and environmental justice work in the region and around the world.   

Dean Bittner, Founder and CTO of RUNWITHIT, says, “This act of generosity has inspired us to do likewise and contribute to our community through work that we do with the United Way to support youth programs, to reduce harm for those on the streets through team harm reduction training, and, most importantly, to grow and expand the work we do every day, with mindfulness and purpose, applying our advanced modelling, data science, and visualization and finding ways to make a better tomorrow, together, for all those yet to come.”

“From a young age, I was taught the only way to give a gift is without expectation of any kind. It creates something really special at the moment because it is the truest expression of goodwill. It can’t be faked. If a gift comes back, it’s magical for the recipient because it is truly unexpected,” said Tim Carwell, CEO of The CommAlert Group and Dene-Zaa citizen of Beaver First Nation.

Get involved

The CommAlert Group will make a detailed announcement of their Corporate Social Responsibility planning and initiatives. Stay tuned for that announcement in early 2024.

If your business is interested in getting involved, please reach out to Tim Carwell: 


Phone: 780-908-6391