The CommAlert Group wins the 2023 Award of Excellence at the CAM-X Convention


The CommAlert Group is honoured to win two awards at this year’s CAM-X Convention: The CAM-X Award of Excellence and the CAM-X Award of Excellence Plus. The awards were presented at the convention last month in Calgary, Alberta.

“We want to thank CAM-X and our colleagues for this award. It is important to us to recognize and celebrate the incredible work and efforts of our agents and team, who are responsible for this achievement,” said Tim Carwell, President of The CommAlert Group.

CommAlert focuses on comprehensive training, team building, and education for our agents. We encourage empathy, problem-solving, and professionalism on every call. We know that a genuine desire to help the person on the other end of the line will result in a positive experience for the caller. That positive experience directly impacts our clients, increasing brand reputation, customer loyalty, and potential sales.

How the Award of Excellence Program works

The CAM-X Award of Excellence Program is a tool call centres can use to ensure professional, high-quality customer service. For half a year, outsourced “mystery callers” contact the participating call centres to run test calls. Then, independent judges listen to the call recordings and assess a score. Then, the average of scores from all calls becomes the call centre’s overall score.

Those companies that score 80% or higher receive the CAM-X Award of Excellence.

The CAM-X Award of Excellence Plus focuses on the other half of the call – the client experience. Now, more than ever, our client’s perception of the product or service is based primarily on the caller’s direct experience with the representative on the other end of the line.  

About CAM-X

CAM-X is a not-for-profit member-driven association comprising individuals, businesses, and organizations in the call management and call centre industry. The association aims to help business owners and managers exchange ideas, experiences, and solutions while promoting the industry’s general welfare and ethical standards. Working together, owners and managers help increase business markets, profits, and opportunities.