How to ensure a safe work environment for your employees


As an employer, keeping your employees safe is always a top priority, as the consequences of an unsafe work environment can be incredibly far-reaching. You want to breathe easy knowing you’ve done all possible to ensure your staff’s safety. For that to happen, though, there are specific steps to take.

At The CommAlert Group, we take worker safety very seriously. We use our experience and expertise in this field to help make sure employers have their bases covered. Here, we share some tips on providing a safe work environment for your employees.

Safety education

When maintaining a safe work environment, your employees must do more than just talk the talk. They must keep up to date with all necessary safety training and education. It’s this training that could save them in a dangerous situation. It will also help them feel safe and confident as they work. Another benefit is that education and training amongst employees will bring in team building. At the same time, it also helps ensure your employees are equipped to handle the safety demands of their jobs.

Know what’s around you.

Employees must be fully aware of all potential hazards in their work environment. Conducting adequate and regular hazard assessments will go a long way to help identify occupational dangers. It’s important to note that hazard assessments can’t only be done occasionally. Regularly scheduled assessments must take place to get ahead of changes and movement within the workplace.

Comfortable work environment

You want your employees to feel comfortable enough to come to you with a hazard report no matter what, even if they make reports anonymously. Your employees are your greatest asset. They may notice things that you don’t. Or, a change may occur that you need to be alerted of straight away. Creating a comfortable work environment related to health and safety and other areas bolsters employee safety.

Put lone worker safety at the forefront

Lone workers carry a higher safety risk than staff working in pairs or a team. There are many reasons for this, but a chief concern is emergency help for lone workers. If there is an emergency, your lone worker needs to be able to get in touch with someone who can help quickly! Having a sole worker safety policy and a needs analysis are essential steps. However, it’s also crucial your lone workers have access to an experienced, proactive check-in system.

At The CommAlert Group, we specialize in providing lone worker and employee safety with our 24/7 emergency call centre services. Our well-trained staff will implement a professional monitoring system with live operator check-ins. This way, your lone workers will feel safe knowing there is always someone looking out for them, and they will also be safe due to our high-level support. And, in an emergency, our staff will also know exactly what steps to take next to keep your lone worker safe.

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