Keep your employees safe, even when they work alone.

A lone worker safety program can help proactively identify and mitigate potentially harmful scenarios. Not only is lone worker safety an important part of a company’s safety plan, it is required by law and compliance is regularly audited.
Tracking regular communication and safety monitoring with a central contact helps you:

  • Ensure your team is always safe on the job
  • Identify common risk situations
  • Continuously improve your safety protocols
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Lone Worker Safety

CommAlert offers comprehensive, compliant, customized lone worker solutions.

Our lone worker monitoring solutions can be customized to your organization’s and worker’s specific needs. We offer check ins via phone call, text, or our lone worker smartphone app. Speaking to a real person can help build a sense of security for your workers, reassuring them that someone is looking out for them and wants to make sure they’re okay. Though we highly encourage live check ins, the choice is yours.

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Our lone worker programs all follow a basic protocol that can be modified for your team

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01. Start Check-In

Workers check in at the start of their shift and check out at the end, with our 24/7 live operators

02. Live Call-In Reminders

We send out periodic ‘live call-in’ reminders to have them check in at predetermined intervals during their shift.

03. Emergency Call Out Procedures

If we do not get a call or check in from them when we are expecting to, we initiate emergency call out procedures.

04. Supervisor Contact Procedures

If we can’t reach the worker, we try the supervisor contact on your customized contact list, and then the next contact, until we make contact with your worker.

05. First Responder Notification

We notify first responders, if needed.

Start Building Your Custom Safety Plan

For over 25 years, we’ve been trusted by companies across the country.

CommAlert is a trusted service provider

CommAlert assists businesses and communities by delivering emergency response, safety and tracking, and call centre services.

We develop customized lone worker safety programs for:

  • Nurses, occupational therapists, and other home care professionals
  • Oilfield and mining personnel
  • Construction workers
  • Utility crews
  • Any other occupations that involve remote work alone environments
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