Factors to consider when hiring a crisis communications call centre


Unfortunately, there is always the possibility that a disaster or crisis can affect your community. From the onset of a declared pandemic to wildfire, floods or crime in the area, it’s up to you to have a crisis communication plan as a municipality, large business, or community organization.

CommAlert offers a wide range of crisis communication services. We are equipped to handle the challenges associated with a crisis so you can communicate with your clients and community members smoothly and accurately. Here are things to consider when you hire a crisis communications call centre.

Emergency response experience

During an emergency, people must have access to clear and accurate communication. When you’re ready to choose a call centre for your business or organization, ensuring that the call centre has experience with emergencies is critical. A call centre with expertise in handling high-stress, challenging scenarios can appropriately field calls and offer accurate, easy-to-understand and empathetic communication.

To start, find out what type of businesses and organizations your prospective call centre has experience with. You’ll also want to know what dispatching methods they have available. At CommAlert, we have the expertise, experience and training to back up a business or organization during a crisis. Call us to find out more!

Equipped to handle high call volumes

Your business or organization can expect much higher call volumes throughout an emergency scenario. The call centre you hire must be able to handle high volumes of calls. When people are left waiting for answers during an emergency, stress, panic and speculation can set it. You want to ensure your customers or residents in your care have access to quick communication. You cannot allow channels to get bogged down by high-call volumes.

Complete care for Indigenous communities

Every community comes with specific needs and challenges during a crisis. As an Indigenous company, CommAlert is specially equipped to lead communications protocols for Indigenous communities. At CommAlert, we can provide virtual training for Indigenous communities to operate a community-led crisis communications call centre on-site and in the Indigenous language spoken in that community.

Culturally safe crisis communications in the community’s language are especially beneficial for elders, who are often the most vulnerable in a crisis. Our agents will provide 24-hour support for the community members running their centres.

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