Why mass notification systems are vital to emergency preparedness


When you run a large organization or are part of a municipality, it is sometimes essential to communicate with all your employees, stakeholders, or community members. Mass notification systems allow you to communicate quickly and effectively in natural disasters and emergencies.

Here, we discuss why the CommAlert Group’s mass notification system is your best ally.

Get in touch with people wherever they are

When you activate an emergency alert through the CommAlert’s Emergency Communication Centre, we will immediately send out emergency notification messages to each individual in the entire group. Your contact list will be determined when preparing your emergency communications response plan. We send these messages via phone or text as part of your pre-approved and personally tailored emergency response protocol.

Once this message is received, recipients will then have the option to respond and communicate if they need help. All received information is immediately available online through a custom portal that provides reports and maps. This information gives up-to-the-minute reporting on the status and whereabouts of all individuals.

Ensure the safety of staff and the public

Whether you are dealing with an extreme weather event or an emergency situation at the workplace, quickly notifying those impacted is essential to their safety. Furthermore, we deliver all reporting received from messaged recipients to your own personal safety team. From there, your team can make important decisions to help ensure the safety of all involved. You will have the information you need to resolve emergency situations as rapidly as possible.

Organized management once the emergency ends   

Emergency management, both during and after an emergency event, is crucial. Once the event ends, there will be a need for additional communication between staff and the public, depending on the situation.

With CommAlert, you can use our 24/7 call centre to continue sending mass notifications. This way, you can alert the community as to any further information or updates that are important. We can also update social media channels and provide accurate information delivered and handled by a professionally trained team. The support of a professional emergency alert service will also make it easier for you to focus on dealing with the aftermath of the emergency and taking care of the people involved.

Find out more about our Emergency Communications Centre.