Crisis communication update line for First Nations communities


As Alberta wildfires remain a reality throughout the province, access to timely and accurate information in Indigenous communities is crucial. The CommAlert Group is here to help. As an Indigenous company, we provide culturally-appropriate services assisting First Nations communities during crises.

Here we outline some of the ways we deliver support.

Communications in Indigenous language

Through The CommAlert Group’s community-led crisis hotlines, we can provide First Nations communities in Alberta with quick access to accurate information in their language. Access to accurate information in their Indigenous language is particularly First Nation elders, who are often the most vulnerable in a crisis.

To provide this service, we train local community members to be able to operate our information hotlines. We can do the training virtually and continue to provide 24-7 support to the community-led crisis communication centres. We will work closely with you to ensure your community members receive assistance and the information they need during uncertain times.

Virtual Triage

Our hotlines operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Round-the-clock support help reduces stress during difficult times. All members need access to the most accurate information as things change quickly. They also need a way to stay up to date on safety instructions.

With our virtual triage, community members will have access to live operators for both non-urgent and urgent calls. This service ensures there is always someone to speak with and offer support.

Emergency Mass Notification

When an entire community needs to be notified of information or changes immediately, a mass notification system takes care of this. The CommAlert Group uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver emergency alerts through various channels. Community members can receive alerts through text messages and telephone calls, as well as through email and other methods.

Our emergency alerts will provide current information as well as critical instructions. Emergency mass notifications help to ensure the community stays safe during an emergency.

Complete Care

CommAlert ensures communication channels in each community are customized to meet specific needs. Our Complete Care for First Nations services focus on robust communications that cover all bases. In addition to the services mentioned, we offer lone worker monitoring and include monitoring, reporting, updates, and services that evolve with your needs.

CommAlert’s mission is to keep people safe. As an Indigenous company, we want to customize services to ensure First Nations communities receive critical information, respect, and support to improve safety and lower stress during a crisis.

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