When should a small business outsource to a call answering service?


Outsourcing your call answering can help you scale your small business. By taking call answering, appointment scheduling and other administrative tasks off your plate, you can improve productivity and customer service and save money. Here’s how:

Maximize your time

When you and your team are swamped with phone calls, it’s hard to free up time to focus on business growth. A call answering service offers a solution to this problem.

When you work with CommAlert, our highly-skilled and experienced agents will answer calls and help your customers in ways specific to your business. As a result, your employees can spend more time on revenue-building activities.

In addition, a call answering service can also give you more personal time – so you’re not always answering business calls when you could be doing the things you enjoy. Outsourcing to a call centre can help you and your team achieve a healthier work-life balance.

Save money

Keeping and paying staff to take care of phone calls can be costly. On top of this, the more you spend paying staff for this admin work, the less you might have to pay staff for other needed tasks. A call answering service is a low-cost solution.

CommAlert provides an affordable way for small businesses to look after customers promptly and with care. Our agents are highly professional, and the service is more affordable than you might think.

Improve productivity

Another benefit of bringing in a call answering service is that you can answer more calls. When all calls get answered, this increases overall productivity. You’ll be able to take a lot off your plate so your small business can focus more on increasing sales and delivering services.

In addition, call answering services can help take care of various administrative tasks that can diminish productivity. For example, we can handle appointment scheduling, provide technical support, and other virtual assistant duties.

Boost customer service

Customers expect an almost instant response in today’s fast-paced and 24-hour world. Also, if you can’t be there for your customers when they need you, this encourages them to take their business elsewhere.

CommAlert’s call answering service runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. We will ensure your business never misses a call and that every caller gets exceptional and helpful service. We can take a message, forward the call to a staff member, dispatch your technicians, and more if needed. A positive customer experience helps build customer retention and loyalty.

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