What happens when your clinic misses a call?

Things can get hectic at your medical clinic on workdays. Your front-end staff is busy helping in-person customers as well as answering calls. Unfortunately, that pressure can lead to missed calls and diminished customer service levels.

Missed calls delays patients who need your care. It can also cause a loss of business revenue, growth potential and tarnish your reputation for client service.

Missed calls can result in lost patients

When people call a medical clinic, they want a human to answer the phone. Automated phone systems, being left on hold, or being left with the phone ringing, can cause frustration. If they cannot accomplish what they set out to do when calling your clinic, they could hang up and find another clinic.

An industry study showed that 74% of people are likely or very likely to choose another business after having a negative phone experience. The study stated that healthcare is one of the top three industries people still want to connect with via telephone.

Are callers able to reach someone at your clinic when they call? Can your staff give them the time needed for the best customer service possible when they call? If they do leave a voicemail, can you get back to them within the same business day?

If you can’t answer yes to those questions, you could be losing patients and losing revenue. When your callers have a negative experience, it can also damage your reputation. A poor reputation can cost you referrals and future business too.

Third-party call answering is a solution

A call centre like The CommAlert Group can provide a cost-effective solution for answering calls and improving customer service. We can answer calls during high volume times, after-hours, on weekends and holidays, or any time you need us to.

Our agents are highly trained and experienced in medical clinic call answering and appointment scheduling. We’ll arm them with all the information they need to provide personal, timely, and professional customer service to every one of your callers. Your patients won’t even know they’ve reached a call centre when they call.

We can extend that call answering service to include appointment scheduling. Taking this enormous task off your team’s plate will free time to complete critical tasks and provide exceptional care and service to your in-clinic patients. We can schedule appointments, send follow-up reminder notifications, and handle appointment cancellations and rescheduling.

Improve customer service and grow your business

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to provide the best customer service to your clients. It’s affordable, effective, and will take pressure off you and your staff. We can create a call answering and appointment scheduling program that works best for your clinic and specific needs.

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